Tapestry Brick (1900s - 1950s)

According to Old House Journal online,

What is referred to as Tapestry Brick, “came in assorted colors, from purples, olive greens, and blues to deep russet and chamois with a rough finish, designed to catch the light and create a warm glow. These colors were meant to be alternated across a wall, imparting a decorative, patchwork effect (hence the name tapestry) throughout the finished building. Tapestry bricks were a trademark of Fiske & Co., Inc., which touted them as a designer item to make homes that were, according to the ads, “restful and pleasing to the eye because colors and surfaces harmonize with the rocks, the trees, the grass.” While tapestry bricks are no longer produced, it’s possible to find modern bricks that closely match some colors, especially the red and pink shades, making this modern brick a good option for repairs.”


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