Welcome to our resource guide. Here you will find a collection of agencies to aid your future surveying endeavors. With the help of this site you will be able to find other resources available to you. Our mission is to encourage further surveying and ease futures issues.

National Trust For Historic Preservation

Recent Past Resource Guide (another source)

Arkansas Historic Preservation Program

National Economy Homes: Engineered for Substantial Savings PDF

Vintage Home Resources: for 1900 to Mid-century


City of Sunnyvale CA Government Site

Steel and Aluminum Siding Patent Drawings

U.S. Patient Office Adjustable Building Unit

Post-WWII Architecture in North Dakota

A Reference Guide to the Architectural Styles of Arkansas

Architectural Style Guide for Texas

APA Wood Resource

Fort Wayne Indiana Architectural Styles

Rustic Style Buildings
Home Improvements Made Easy  


Old House web: Ideas and Advice for Old House Enthusiasts

Historical Home Style Guide (Great Images!)

Residential Style Guide

Architecture in the Post WWII Home

Modern Styles Resource Guide

Department of Archeology and Historic Preservation

Post WWII Residential Architectural Styles and Building Types of Colorado
Architectural Style History

Johnson County, Kansas: The Built Environment

Utah Domestic Architecture

Post WWII Context Study

Suburban Ranch House information

American House Style Guide

Building Materials and How They Are Used

Grapevine, Texas Style Guide

Style Guide

National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers

25 National Park Service Preservation Briefs

Topics and Techniques in Landscape Preservation
Quick Architectural Answers

Quick Architectural Answers II

Materials: Cararra, Vitrolite, Structural Pigmented Glass, etc.

Building information for Facility professionals

Materials: Curtain Wall

Materials: Corrugated Glass

New Cannon Conneticut Modern Homes Survey

Google U.S. Patient Office
Float Glass
Missouri Department of National Resources And Historic Preservation Program
-Ozark Giraffe

Image source 

Quonset Huts

Eco friendly Ideas with Great Design (from Reynier Village)
Minimal Traditional Style Information

Rambling Colonial Style Information

Ranch Home Style Guide

Ranch/Transitional Ranch Information

Roof Types from the Mid-Century Modern League

Seaside Houses  
Modern Contemporary design, San Francisco

Second Renaissance Revival Style Information

Shotgun House Definition
Mid 20th Century Olympia Split-level